In my 1-2-1 work, I help high-achieving women in management positions who are feeling mentally exhausted from prioritising everything else above themselves. You don’t need to sacrifice yourself for your work OR your family.

I believe that the secret to this is prioritising your mental well-being & self-care as an integral part of life.

Looking for team solutions? Look no further!



In this 90 minute deep dive coaching call, we will:

  • Identify an immediate well-being issue you're having, and create a plan together to help you tackle it during our session and beyond 

  • (examples may be finding work life balance, on the edge of burn-out, feeling overwhelmed, struggling to put in boundaries)

  • Get crystal clear on your priorities so you know which actions make a real positive difference and which can be ditched

  • Get solutions to challenges that may be in the way of you taking care of your well-being

  • See an immediate difference in your balance, productivity and happiness 

  • You have a one week implementation / support package on whatsapp to keep practices on track

  • After the week we do a 30min reflection call to see what’s worked/ what needs to change to support you best for the future



Does it feel really hard to detach yourself from your work?


Especially as a manager, you put so much of your energy & focus into your role and your team, that by the end of the working day you can feel absolutely drained.


Whatever energy you DO have left tends to get poured into your family rather than yourself, because who has time for self-care right?

​Well actually, you do!

This is exactly what I help female managers achieve:

🌟 better work-life balance
🌟 reduced stress
🌟 greater fulfillment in your job

It’s for you if..


  • You have a busy work and home life 

  • You have big goals and dreams but can’t get motivated or see past the brain fog

  • You want to manage your boundaries and boost your well-being so you can show up for your teams as the best versions of yourself

  • You struggle to put your priorities first and this results in feeling overwhelmed and resentful

  • Your idea of self care has become a one off bath or walk rather than integrated practices that support your every-day

  • You feel like something needs to change, but you’re not sure where to start, or like you have the time to start

  • You want to work with someone who can support to find well-being practices that work for you and hold you accountable


In 12 weeks we will:

  • Identify the biggest well-being challenges in your life right now and where you can see the biggest positive difference

  • Do a stress audit to understand your triggers and stress signatures

  • Create mindful awareness in your daily life- giving you strategies and tools to practice both at work and home

  • Build your well-being toolkit that is unique to you 

  • Work through my unique well-being balance matrix that identifies the areas of well-being most important to yo

  • Each week you will have practices to try out in your own time

  • You will have full whatsapp support throughout to guide you through any challenges and obstacles so you don’t get stuck in your progress

  • You will get workbooks and audios during the programme to help reflection and practice