This is one of my favourite quotes – not only because surfing has become a passion that has shaped my travel adventures and taken me to some incredible places.

I also love it because it’s by the godfather of mindfulness, Jon Kabat Zinn and really sums up why I’m so passionate about making well-being a part of everyday life.

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I’m Laila and I’m a business coach and mindful mentor.


I work with business owners and managers to create stress-free workplaces where people are resilient, productive and happy delivering great work.

I love seeing people transform their lives by understanding themselves better, learning how to pause and rest and creating positive well-being habits that impact everyone around them.

I came to well-being through my own journey with stress and pressure- worked in events and ran media companies for 20 years and thrived on the highs and lows of event life- the high of delivering an exceptional event and the crash that comes afterwards when you go back to normal hours and don’t know what to do with yourself!

I thought I did a great job at handling the pressure – I did yoga regularly and meditated every so often - but after experiencing a burnout following a very stressful 18 months at work, I realised I didn’t deal with it very well!


Interestingly the burnout came almost a year after the stressful period when I felt fine – really opened my eyes to how stress was stored and manifested itself – how many of us get sick as soon as we go on holiday and finally relax?


This experience led me to travel around the world to get qualified in yoga, mindfulness and meditation and also see how people integrated wellness so it wasn’t a one off thing but weaved into their every day.


I came back to my corporate role with a new awareness of how to manage my stress, embed well-being into my lifestyle and work under pressure and enjoy it! I worked with my colleagues and other people to teach the techniques Id learnt and its brought me to what I do now.

Find out more about how mindfulness transformed my life


Now I work with business owners and managers to reduce stress in their teams and support people to be more resilient productive and positive! This impacts their own happiness of course and it also benefits the business because people take less sick days, feel more engaged in their work and feel less overwhelmed under pressure, so doing a better job! Win win.

We can't stop the waves of pressure and change coming that's for sure!

But I know how to help you feel better equipped to surf the waves and I'm excited to get you on your surfboard and start that journey!


Please take a look around the site and get in touch for anything I can help you with!