I've had the pleasure of working with some brilliant clients both in a 1-1 and group setting. Here's what they had to say about working with me...

I would highly recommend a mindfulness session with Laila, she was an excellent host and provided me with the perfect brief introduction to mindfulness for some with little experience.


I found the session extremely enlightening and helpful and was able to relax and switch off completely for the first time in a long time.

Attendee, FIRST Agency


Mindful meditation session

Laila's mindfulness session at Media360 was a great way to reset after a busy morning. I left feeling refreshed, calmer and more focused.


I'd highly recommend it! 

Jennie Meynell, Commercial Director, Campaign, Media 360

'Powerful Pause' meditation session

I had a power hour with Laila which has transformed the way I work. Since then I have streamlined my day, found new clients, become more productive and found time to do the things I enjoy doing.


Laila has a calm positivity which allowed me to think deeply about the changes I needed to make to create a more balanced life. If you only have time for an hour - this one will be powerful!

Sally Potter, Hypnotherapist


1-1 Power Hour Session

I had an hour long coaching session with Laila all about ‘life after lockdown’. I loved the process of questioning to get me to think about my non-negotiables - things I wanted to keep after lockdown.

Laila has a really personable and approachable style which put me at ease straight away. She seemed to ‘get me’ and all of the goals I came up with felt natural and right. Her coaching style shows real thoughtfulness. I’m now feeling motivated and strong and prepared for any eventuality. 

Jess Norman, Teacher

1-1 Power Hour session

Yesterday's workshop on 'Stress Management & Resilience' was very well received - and it certainly caused a lot of positive chatter afterwards. So all in, I would say very successful.


Laila was a great trainer and got everyone engaged very quickly.

Head of HR, Royal Foundation

Well-being session

Laila ran a fantastic Powerful Pause session for us during a 3 day international virtual event for 300 people. The session gave attendees the chance to switch off and refocus and was a huge success.


Mindfulness and Wellbeing are so important, especially in virtual events, and this sentiment was reflected in all the wonderful feedback that we received.


Not only did attendees feel calmer and re-energised, but they walked away with helpful relaxation methods to instil in their day to day lives. 

Katie Trice, Head of Event Operations, Everywoman


'Powerful Pause' meditation session