These well-being sessions are designed to offer a perfect way to create a powerful pause or energising boost for attendees.

They are perfect as in-house staff sessions to complement well-being programmes or as event well-being sessions delivered at your virtual event to energise and motivate attendees in between content sessions.



The 30-minute sessions are purely practical with a variety of exercises weaved together so that attendees can switch off completely, rest their minds and bodies and feel grounded, calm and refreshed.

These sessions can be delivered in one of two ways:


An energising practice held at the start of the day

Using a shaking movement technique or more active mindful movement and done standing up, followed by energising breathwork and a meditation.


A calming practice works well at the end of a day or after a long session.

The movement is measured, mindful and gentle followed by a seated grounding breathing practice with a visualisation element to focus on what they want to take away with them from the session

Investment: dependant on live/virtual setting and no. of attendees



The masterclass sessions incorporate mindfulness teachings alongside practical exercises and techniques that can be used by attendees from the moment they step out of the session.


These sessions can be built into:


  • Busy businesses who want to kickstart team well-being. Delivered as interactive, group-coaching sessions, the sessions create mindful self-awareness and develop positive long-term habits.

  • Event Forums where attendees take part in multiple plenaries or are listening to content-heavy sessions and can benefit from a break between sessions.

All sessions are up to 45 minutes and include powerful mindful exercises and practical tools that attendees can use in their work lives.

Topics include:


  • 5 to Thrive- How to Master your Motivation and create Balance

  • Manage your Energy and Master your Habits

  • Building Empathy and Connection

  • Manage your Mental Well-being in a Pandemic

Investment: dependant on live/virtual setting and length of session/no. of attendees