Whether or not your team needs focused support or is looking for long-term deeper shifts, I offer a range of solutions from focused well-being sessions and workshops to strategic long-term business programmes that get to the heart of the cause.



This well-being series offers focused sessions on current topics such as resilience, coping with change and supporting each other's mental health.

Poor mental health significantly impacts staff productivity, turnover and absenteeism.

By addressing well-being in a format where employees can learn evidence-based methods and take away practical tools, businesses can better support themselves and their people to get to the root of the problem and create long-term impact.

What you get:

  • 6 x 75 minute sessions delivered as interactive group-coaching workshops - designed to work stand alone as well as building a knowledge thread each session. 

  • Practical, accessible tools and methods that create long lasting change - not just quick fixes. 

  • Each session combines mindfulness teachings alongside practical exercises and techniques that can be used by attendees from the moment they step out of the session.

  • In-session polls and surveys to gather a deeper understanding of current well-being challenges - shared with the business post sessions.

  •  A bonus Managers' Awareness session aimed at senior managers to help them understand the ethos behind the initiative and get their buy-in to achieve maximum impact for their teams and also themselves.

  • Impact Reporting - attendee feedback collected every session and collated after the series to understand the impact of the work and support the business ROI. 

Workshop Topics:

  • Managing Your Well-being Mindfully

  • Managing Stress & Building Resilience

  • Coping with Change (through the pandemic)

  • Building Connection & Empathy to Support Better Mental Health

  • Creating Powerful Habits to Fell Productive, Focused & Energised

  • Well-being Success - Amplifying Your Work-Life Balance


Programme starts from £3,000 based on virtual/ live and number of attendees. 



You know you have a brilliant team... but you know they aren't working at their optimum right now. You want to support them but you feel a bit lost on where to start. 

Unlike other box-ticking well-being solutions you've tried, the positive impact won't fade after just a few short weeks - it'll be there for LIFE.

Who is this programme for?

  • Managers and leaders struggling to motivate and manage their teams when their own well-being is on the floor 

  • Teams that are under a lot of pressure and close to burning out and want support before it gets too serious.

  • Managers who want to take proactive action and give their employees the tools and strategies to improve their own well-being because they will be able to use them over and over again.

At the end of the programme you'll leave with:


  • Long term positive behavioural changes in yourself and your team

  • An improvement in team output, focus and mindset      

  • Lower absence levels due to less stress

  • A more engaged, connected team

  • fully equipped tool kit to manage your mental health better in any circumstance – helping you feel empowered

  • All content is founded in evidence based research of mindfulness teachings- proven results to improve mental well-being, increase productivity and build resilience

What it involves:

  • 2 bonus strategy calls at the start and end solely focused on the team leader to support them to dig deep into the challenges their team are facing (how they can best support them, what they personally need to do that) 

  • 8 Group coaching sessions to tackle specific areas of focus, communication, ways of working, resilience and motivation.

  • Accessible, practical, simple tools attendees can use as soon as they leave the sessions

  • Recorded audios, worksheets and exercises to support you all the way through 

  • A pre and post session survey and feedback to fully assess the success of the programme and long term impact

  • There’s also the option to have email coaching support throughout the programme so that attendees can raise any challenges and work through them in real time 



Programme starts from £2,800 based on virtual/ live, additional support and number of attendees. 

Client Appreciation

Tayo Ologbenla
Senior Digital Marketing Manager

We had Laila come in to speak to the marketing team as part of a wellbeing session and the feedback was nothing but positive, with everyone coming out of the session with actionable changes that would improve each of us and how we manage our mindfulness individually.

I highly recommend Laila’s sessions for any business wanting to get a better understanding of their teams’ current stress/ resilience levels, and map out key initiatives to try and address and improve this.

Katie Trice
Head of Event Operations

Laila has run a couple of fantastic sessions for everywoman's virtual events - a 'Positive Pause' and how to 'Master Your Motivation' session.


On both occasions the sessions flowed at a really nice pace and generated lots of interaction from the audience. They were full of top tips, advice and interactive exercises that participants were also encouraged to practise at home.


We received lots of great feedback from the participants during the session, with many putting the tips into action already!

Catrin Shi
Managing Editor
Insurance Insider

Laila held a work-life balance workshop as part of one of our industry events focused on building an inclusive workplace culture.

Her encouraging and supportive delivery style not only prompted delegates to fully engage with the subject, but also built an environment in which they felt they could share their (sometimes personal) thoughts openly and without judgment.


The feedback we had from attendees was excellent – virtually all attendees in a post-event survey said they felt the content was relevant and would recommend the workshop to others.

I would recommend Laila and her work to anyone who is looking to address the topic of wellbeing and work-life balance in their organisations in a constructive and positive way.

Abigail Hynard,
Director of Sales – Global Meetings & Events
Hyatt Salesforce

Laila created a bespoke mindful session for our hotels and clients – she was able to adapt wonderfully to her surroundings on the event day and really use the space she was provided with.


Laila's calm tone, exercises and breathing techniques allowed for us all to take a moment to breathe, reflect on the day and reset our thoughts – something truly needed in this modern age.


We worked in smaller groups of 5-6 clients but I can also see this working well for larger groups in office style environments.

Thank you Laila!