Whether or not your team needs focused support or is looking for long-term deeper shifts, we offer a range of solutions from focused well-being sessions and workshops to strategic long-term business programmes that get to the heart of the cause.

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This programme is designed to support your team to kickstart their well-being and begin to uncover practices that can improve their mental well-being.

It includes 2 weeks of group coaching sessions, email support in between sessions and feedback to support the team to find practices, tools and strategies that work for them.

First group coaching session - Ways of Being

  • Stress audit and triggers

  • How to find coping strategies

  • Tools to manage mental health

1 week of practice, reflection and coaching support over email for all attendees

Second group coaching session - Ways of Working

  • Reflection of the week’s practice

  • Tools to support the team to work well and manage others effectively

  • How to improve work focus and resilience



You know you have a brilliant team... but you know they aren't working at their optimum right now. You want to support them but you feel a bit lost on where to start. 

Who is this programme for?

  • Managers and leaders struggling to motivate and manage their teams when their own well-being is on the floor 

  • Managers whose teams are under a lot of pressure and close to burning out and they want to support them before it gets too serious.

  • Managers who want to take proactive action and give their employees the tools and strategies to improve their own well-being because they will be able to use them over and over again.

What the programme involves:

  • 2 strategy calls at the start and end solely focused on the team leader to support them and their own well-being and dig deep into the challenges their team are facing (how they can best support them, what they need to do that) 

  • 8 Group coaching sessions to tackle specific areas of focus, communication, ways of working, resilience and motivation.

  • Actual tools attendees can use as soon as they leave the sessions

  • Recorded audios, worksheets and exercises to support you all the way through 

  • A pre and post session survey and feedback to fully assess the success of the programme and long term impact

  • There’s also the option to have email coaching support throughout the programme so that attendees can raise any challenges and work through them in real time 

Unlike other box-ticking well-being solutions you've tried, the positive impact won't fade after just a few short weeks - it'll be there for LIFE.