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From Burnout to Balance  
The 3-month programme

So many people talk about goals, but what if you don’t have the mental space to make those goals happen? Let’s press pause on relentless productivity, and focus on what you really want.

Woman with Head Scarf

I help people create space, so they can go and create everything else they need

This is not about "getting rid" of what you have or are. This isn't about quitting your job, divorcing your partner, starting a new life abroad, or anything else all the blogs say you need to do to "ignite change".  You don't need to destroy or get rid of things to make space in your life. In fact, after we work together, the pieces of your life are all the same.


The difference is that those pieces now fit together better.


You still have a calendar of meetings, a demanding job or a spouse to connect with emotionally, but we're making space for you.


Space for you to be happier, calmer, more sensitive to your own needs

Are you raging with productivity?

Seeing red. Fuming through your daily life in a constant state of emergency. Your calendar blocked out like a sold-out West End show (with no lovely intermission for a toilet break or food). Always on Zoom. Always in a meeting. Ratty with the kids. P*ssed-off-until-bedtime. 


79% of UK workers experience burnout (Employee Benefits UK, 2021), and part of burnout is chaos. Inner chaos. An inability to focus on your big goals and ambitions because your head is too full. With the Burnout to Balance programme, I aim to help you reset your chaotic inner world so you can focus on your outer world again.


The result? Energy and joy for your passions outside of work. Space for your home life, your family, your friends. Space to have big goals again. Space to be ambitious about you.

Let's put your inner world to rights and find balance again

The Burnout to Balance Programme

12 weeks of 1-1 attention, devoted to dismantling the stuff that's draining you dry

What you get

  • 12 hours of life-changing coaching to uncover your greatest challenges, so you can make the biggest positive difference

  • Non-judgemental, confidential space to calm your mind and get clear on your goals

  • A 60-min personalised lifestyle audit designed to uncover your stressors and pinpoint your triggers 

  • The 10 mood-regulating breathing and mindfulness exercises I teach all senior management professionals 

  • The one-of-a-kind wellbeing framework I use to create wellbeing shifting changes that stick

  • Over 20 different mind-training practices and audios to develop your mindfulness habits outside of our sessions

  • Bonus 3-day a week WhatsApp to support you in-between sessions and keep you goal-focused 

This is for you if...​

  • You’re exhausted, unable to focus and cannot find excitement for your goals anymore

  • You crave rest without guilt

  • You know you're a nicer person when you have time for yourself, but it's not happening

  • You struggle to put your priorities first, and it leaves you feeling overwhelmed and resentful

The result​

  • More creativity, more peace and more happiness, all from a place of calm

  • Time, space, and energy to be yourself again

  • A proven framework to transform and maintain your wellbeing so it's off-the-charts amazing

  • The mental space to write that book, find your dream home, have a power nap and get in extra cuddles before bed without breaking a sweat.

Put your wellbeing at the top of your to-do list

Big goals and dreams are lovely, but pushing yourself to achieve in a state of burnout is costing you your long-term wellbeing. If you want to get more out of life, but can't find the headspace to make 'more' happen, then I’d like to help you quit your burning-the-candle-at-both-ends lifestyle, and move towards a calm and balanced version of you.

The results are in (and they're brilliant)

Suhayla Dhanji

I worked with Laila to combat my anxiety but ended up gaining so much more.

By the end of our sessions, I was more motivated and driven than ever before and I honestly feel like using mindfulness day to day has changed my life.

Sarah Cardwell

The whole coaching experience exceeded my expectations. I feel like I took back control of my life. I feel totally different than at the start of coaching- I am more mindful and I care about making time for me and my head.

Jess Norman

Laila has a really personable and approachable style which put me at ease straight away. She seemed to ‘get me’ and all of the goals I came up with felt natural and right. Her coaching style shows real thoughtfulness.

Your investment 

Give your wellbeing the TLC it deserves with flexible payment plans

1 payment

A single payment of £1,200

Payable prior to the first session.

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Relaxed Businessman


3 payments of £400

Payable at the start of each month.

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Relaxed Woman

Take your first step towards A Life More Mindful

Every person I work with is on a unique path, and the easiest way to find out if the Burnout to Balance programme can support you on yours is to chat about it over a calming cup of tea and a 30-min free consultation on Zoom. 

Look forward to a life where things start to fall into place

You finally find time to apply for a new job or progress in the spaces you WANT to achieve, rather than achieving from a ‘state of emergency’...

You have the headspace to think about your family, your passions and your own energy levels as well as doing the work you love. There is space and time for it all and it doesn't feel too much - it is enough.

You get time and space back. An hour a day dedicated to you. The energy to go on date night. Your weekends back. Time for YOU.

You know what is important to you and you know how to balance it so you can move at a pace that feels good, knowing you're achieving what you want with a calm mind and a rested body. It is possible. When you know how.

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