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Boost your Business: 
wellbeing designed for you, by you

Build your own mental health series with a choice of 16 workshop topics, designed for your team, and delivered on your schedule. 

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When you feel well, you work well. When you work well, the business succeeds

Workplace wellbeing isn't a tick-box exercise or a once a year initiative to show people you care. It's an outside-in approach, a culture, an inclusive space where people are supported to do their best work in the best environment, created by you. 

Good wellbeing is the only way to ensure high productivity, maximum efficiency and a happy business.

You can create the space for your people to feel well so they can come to work happy and leave on time, on task, accomplished and fulfilled.

Group benefits. Individual results. Train more people in less time, with a 1-1 level of care

65% of attendees felt overwhelmed and stress at work*

You can feel the tension over Zoom. The work is getting done, but is it being done well? People are taking time off sick. Mistakes are being made. People are feeling anxious about the uncertainty of hybrid working. They are struggling. 

You need the work to get done, but you also need the people doing it to be at their best - because good work is done by well people.

You want to support your team, but how can you take care of everyone's needs when wellbeing is so individual? The solution is simple. 

Create a forum for support and you'll ignite a culture where mindfulness is expected and respected

Boost your Business - Design your wellbeing

Starting from 6 sessions over 3 months. A programme of mental health focused workshops giving your team the tools to tackle their wellbeing 

​What you get

  • Over 60 attention-training tools, experiential exercises and mental health strategies you can use as soon as you leave the session

  • A curated selection of topics to help place the power of wellbeing into your people's hands 

  • A highly effective stress response audit to help you identify and manage stress

  • A 10-part communication framework to boost positive relationships at work 

  • The same balance model I use to help senior execs reclaim personal time, get work under control, pinpoint boundary leaks, work drift and personal priorities

  • 5 breathing techniques you can use to de-escalate stress on a Zoom call 

  • Your most sensitive (anonymously submitted) questions answered live by a skilled instructor who's coached 200+ people in an open floor Q&A 

  • Live data of positive impact and outcomes on resilience, emotional intelligence, etc. with a personalised post-programme report  

  • Real-time insight to address issues proactively and replicate positive results before your employees start walking

This is for you if...​

  • Staff morale is low 

  • You know mental health is an issue and want to manage it effectively without compromising on quality of delivery, or results achieved

  • Your people are scrabbling to meet demands, surviving not thriving

  • Staff are present but disconnected and isolated and need a space to connect

  • Sick rates are at their highest, everyone is spent and there's lots of water cooler chat (not the good kind) 

The result​

  • After 6 sessions, 96% of attendees reported they felt empowered to make positive changes to their mental health at work*

  • Problems are addressed early so you don’t have to take a firefighting approach to mental health

  • People are more confident in sharing mental health struggles

  • You open the door for a culture of communication to take root and grow

  • If your people follow the programme, you can expect absenteeism and employee churn to decrease

Your Team, Your Choice

Session topics are designed to suit all businesses at all levels - with a focus on building awareness and resilience, learning tools to reduce stress and overwhelm and support leaders and employees to work together and be their best selves.

100% success rate in empowering positive change*

Managing individual wellbeing with a limited budget and a busy schedule is challenging at the best of times. But with the right series of topics, and a commitment to work together over 3 culture-shifting months, you’ll see the positive change in your team, the work they do, and how they show up each day. Ready to create a positive change in your workplace?

*Source: 2021-2022 Client Impact Feedback

Client success stories

Cheryl Busby

Cheryl Busby, HR Director
Clarion Events

​The sessions were aimed to support different levels in the business not only to manage their own stresses and build more resilience, but also to understand how to support their teams.


The feedback from the sessions was 100% positive with attendees leaving feeling empowered to create sustainable changes in and out of the workplace.  We now have a toolbox of thinking and doing practices to support their mental health and personal development.

Laila is professional, warm and inspiring. She understands business needs and how they can be achieved hand in hand with a healthy and happy workforce.

Alex Hazell

Alex Hazell, Product Development Manager
Pageant Media

The sessions were a great way to bring the team together for a well needed break in their busy days for a moment of reflection, learning and even meditation.


During the sessions, Laila really engaged with the group and encouraged them to share their experiences and think about things in different ways, as well as impart some useful, actionable methods of how to be more mindful and productive.


We found the sessions to be almost therapeutic, and allowed everyone to take something away new to try, regardless of their seniority or years of experience.

Claudia Honejager

Claudia Honejager, Head of ESG
With Intelligence

Laila ran a six-week series of mindful well-being workshops for our staff on a variety of topics from building resilience, to coping with change and amplifying work/life balance.


Her sessions were greatly received by our staff, with one of them telling me afterwards:


“At first I wasn't sure but I really enjoyed the sessions. They were easy to follow and the techniques mentioned were super effective and easy to implement in your day to day life.”


Laila is a joy to work with and I would recommend her highly.

Your investment 

A wellbeing solution to suit your business and budget

Group payment

Starts from £2,700 

Minimum 6 sessions over 3 months. Cost depends on the number of sessions and virtual / in-person delivery.

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Poor mental health costs UK employers £45bn a year.* What is it costing you?

Impact results so far have shown a 100% success rate in empowering attendees to positively tackle their mental health. Include your people in that figure and give them the support they need so that they can give you the results you want. Good wellbeing should be at the top of everyone's business budget, is it on yours? 

*Source: Deloitte 2020 Report: Mental Health and Employers - Refreshing the Case for Investment

When you create space for your team's mental health, the individual and the work thrive

What does life look like for your teams on the other side of this programme?


Hint. It's amazing.


You’re taking your lunch break again and enjoying every bite. You have time to apply for that promotion you’ve been eying up on the intranet but haven't had the headspace for. You’re making time for that morning run. You can close your laptop at the end of the day without guilt.

Your relationship with your manager is productive and collaborative.

Your relationship with colleagues is supportive and empathetic.

Your relationships at home are kind and calm.




Because your relationship with stress is under control.

You know how to balance and organise your work so that you can perform your best without feeling spent. You are surrounded by happy colleagues and you have a team that knows how to support and lift each other up in times of pressure and pull together through every season of your business. 


Sound good? 

Need to put yourself first?

If your team isn't in the right headspace to take on a group commitment, or you want to get yourself in the best possible place first, then a 1-1 coaching partnership could be exactly what you need.

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