Work With Me

No stressed staff, no burnt out, exhausted employees.

Turnover is low, engagement is high and everyone is thriving.

Sounds good? Here are some of the ways I can support you to make it happen. 

1-1 coaching

Personalised coaching support and techniques to help you bring balance into your life and get off the road to burn out.

TEAM well-being

Well-being sessions designed to support teams to work smarter and think clearer. 


Powerful sessions offering practical guided meditation and mindful exercises to help your teams restore and reset. 

Book A Call

Let's find out of we are a good fit to work together through my 30 minute chemistry chats.

You tell me all about your work well-being challenges and I'll see how my service suite can support you, your team or your business.


The Process

Your needs are the priority so let's spend some time finding out what great well-being looks like for you and how we can go about achieving it. Every client is different - the methodology, expertise and the dedication is the same though and I bring all these things in when working with you to come up with the right service.


Working with HR and business leaders to understand your  challenges and your wellness desires. 

solution focused

 Offering programmes that will address your specific needs with a proven methodolgy.


Bringing culture-transforming workplace programmes to your workplace in group and 1-1 settings.


Evidence-based, holistic strategies that can be used straight away with measurable results.

Client Appreciation

Laila delivered a series of workshops for us in the summer. They were a great way to bring the team together for a well needed break in their busy days for a moment of reflection, learning and even meditation.


During the sessions, Laila really engaged with the group and encouraged them to share their experiences and think about things in different ways, as well as impart some useful, actionable methods of how to be more mindful and productive in their day to day lives.


We found the sessions to be almost therapeutic, and allowed everyone to take something away new to try, regardless of their seniority or years of experience.

Alex Hazell, Product Development Manager, Pageant Media


Group programme