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No stressed staff. No burnt out, exhausted employees. Turnover is low. Engagement is high. Everyone is thriving.

Sound good?


Here are all of the ways I can support you to make it happen.

Burn out sucks. Let's kick it to the curb

You’re high achieving. You love your work. You're dedicated to what you do and passionate about your life outside of it. But the price you've paid for success is high. You've mentally, emotionally and physically burnt yourself out for the privilege. 

The good news is, just because you started out that way, doesn’t mean it’s the way you have to continue. Because there is another way. A less stressful way. Where the ultimate result is a life you don't feel drained by. A Life More Mindful. 

Say 'yes' to rest (and expert support) 

1-1 Mindfulness Coaching

Burnout to Balance - Burn out prevention & personal wellbeing 

Over 12 weeks we'll work together to identify your stresses, create your unique wellbeing toolkit, extract you from the emotional rollercoaster of your current (unsustainable) routine, and set you on the path to calm. 

From Burnout to Balance is a gentle dismantling of your current habits. Giving you valuable space to prioritise your mental health. Recommended for entrepreneurs and leadership-level executives. 

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Wellbeing Workshops

Boost your Business - Mental health & wellbeing series

Build your own mental health series with a choice of 16 workshops designed for your team and delivered on your schedule. Over 3-6 months we'll cover a range of custom-curated topics like stress management, resilience, communication, habits, team mental health and more.


Boost your Business wellbeing workshops are ideal for companies who want to maximise impact across teams. Employees consistently report finishing the series feeling happier, clearer and able to work smarter.

Group Mindfulness Coaching

Mind Management - Group coaching for stress reduction

Mindfulness at work? Sounds fluffy. Imagine it wasn’t though. Imagine 8-weeks of team-focused, attention-demanding, leadership-shaping, research-based coaching designed to eradicate stress and skyrocket performance for you and your team.

In Mind Management we'll work together to completely transform how your team works from the inside out. With a schedule including mindset, beliefs, values and habits. This is the same type of training Google prescribes for leadership. Not so fluffy now, eh?

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Speaking and facilitating

Wellbeing session facilitator

Wellbeing has become a key topic at corporate events and is a great way to offer your attendees something a little different in the agenda.

I'm available to speak as a wellbeing expert on event stages, delivering forward thinking programmes for maximum delegate engagement. 

Our Mindfulness Events

Eventfuel events

Eventfuel offers an interactive discussion for senior professionals to share ideas, solutions & tools around creating a wellness culture in the workplace.

We discuss everything from creating the strategy, right through to implementing practical exercises, from mindful moments to chair yoga, straight away.

Our events are open to all senior professionals, HR experts and business leaders who want to create change.


Looking for something special?

If you’re hosting a company event and you want to build a pocket of calm into your programming, I can help you. From calming breathwork sessions to day-to-day workplace wellness seminars, I can work with you to create a custom, powerful pause in your event.

"Laila's mindfulness session at Media360 was a great way to reset after a busy morning. I left feeling refreshed, calmer and more focused. I'd highly recommend it!" Jennie Meynell, Commercial Director, Campaign, Media 360

Book a free chat and let's plan together.

Why me?

In the past 4 years, I've worked with over 400 people to bring calm to workplaces around the world.


Having led business operations for 2 global media companies, I saw employee motivation, performance and happiness in action - and what happened to the business when those needs weren’t met. And it all comes down to being in a place of good mental health.


I’ve woven my experience into a unique wellbeing training programme, and I use my knowledge to deliver services that focus on 3 core wellbeing areas:


  • Mental health

  • Emotional regulation

  • Mindfulness & the breath

Warning: I take a culture-first approach and I aim for lasting change. This is not a box-ticking exercise.
Only proceed if you're willing to put the time and commitment into an inside-out approach.
What people say...
Katie Trice.jfif

Katie Trice, Head of Event Operations

Laila has run a couple of fantastic sessions for everywoman's virtual events - a 'Positive Pause' and how to 'Master Your Motivation' session. On both occasions the sessions flowed at a really nice pace and generated lots of interaction from the audience.


They were full of top tips, advice and interactive exercises that participants were also encouraged to practise at home. We received lots of great feedback from the participants during the session, with many putting the tips into action already!

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