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Welcome to my mindful life

Hello, I'm Laila.


Mindful mentor, work wellbeing expert and curious life coach.

A travel-mad bookworm (ambivert over here) and mum to an active toddler, with a passion for surfing the waves of life and showing others how to!

Is it really possible to feel calm and present?


How do I know?


Because I used to be just like you.


I was a high-performing, passionate event professional, I thrived on the adrenaline of the fast-paced event life and also suffered the crashing lows. Stressed out, worried about every eventuality and working all hours.

I came to wellbeing through my own journey with stress and pressure - working in media companies for 20 years and thriving on the highs and lows of event life.

​I thought I did a great job at handling the pressure – I did yoga regularly and meditated every so often - but after experiencing a burnout following a very stressful 18 months at work, I realised I wasn't thriving as much as surviving and that my working life wasn't sustainable. 

Interestingly the burnout came at a time when I was feeling fine and the stressful period was a year behind me.


The study geek in me became really curious about stress and mental health - how stress is stored and manifests itself when we least expect it (or want it around) and the tools we use to 'cope' through stressful times. 


This experience led me to travel round the world to get qualified in yoga and meditation and also see how people integrated wellness so it wasn’t a one-off hit but weaved into every day.

Every day can be mindful and happy when you know how

The single most effective 'treatment' for my stress wasn't a yoga class, a book or even a workshop. 

It was learning a new way of living - a more mindful way.

I came back from my travels to the same job with a new awareness of how to manage my stress, embed well-being into my lifestyle and work under pressure and enjoy it!


The work and life didn't change, I did.


I learnt how to see things with a new perspective and how to manage my stress instead of it managing me.


This is mindfulness and it transformed my life.

I was so passionate about how I had changed my way of thinking and being that I wanted to share this with other businesses so that work doesn't have to be stressful. I added mindfulness qualifications to my yoga training and have since qualified as an accredited life coach and mental health first aider.

Now I've combined the different strands of my experience - years running business operations and managing employee performance along with mental health and mindfulness to the work I do now.

Supporting businesses to be happier, healthier and more engaged so that people can work with passion.

Why I do what I do

Corporate meditation session for FIRST Agency

I would highly recommend a mindfulness session with Laila, she was an excellent host and provided me with the perfect brief introduction to mindfulness for some with little experience.


I found the session extremely enlightening and helpful and was able to relax and switch off completely for the first time in a long time.

Workplace wellbeing session for
Stand Agency

Your introduction to mindfulness session was a big hit with the team. The feedback was excellent- the content was well structured and educational but also fun.


Your delivery was also great - you were warm, engaging and made a seemingly complex subject really fun. I hope we can work together again the future!

Workplace wellbeing session for
Royal Foundation

Yesterday's workshop was very well received - and it certainly caused a lot of positive chatter afterwards. So all in,

I would say very successful!

 Laila was a great trainer and got everyone engaged very quickly.

You can create a mindful life too

If reading this has you nodding your head and wanting to find out how you can bring more peace into your working life or business, then why not book in a free 30-min zoom chat.


We'll chat travel, books, toddler tantrums (that'll be me) and probably some wellbeing stuff somewhere in there, and we can work out what your next step looks like.

Bringing my expertise to you and your business

My experience and qualifications mean that I'm well versed in how to manage wellbeing and coach you on your journey.


Qualifications & Accreditations

Life Coach (Personal Performance Diploma, The Coaching Academy)

Mindfulness Facilitator (Corporate Mindfulness Certificate, TMO)

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) training (Shamash Alidina)

Yoga Teacher (200 RYT)

Mindfulness Coaching Programme (TeamUp, Asian Leadership Institute)

I'm proud to be committed to continuous development as an Associate Member of The International Stress Management Association.

I also work as an associate coach for some brilliant companies and together we create the perfect wellbeing solution for you and your teams.


Now you've gotten to know me, want to hear more?

Well done for reading this far. You obviously like what you see and I think we are going to get along great! 

You can hear more from me on my podcast The Mindful Business where I share wellbeing learnings and wisdom from inspiring business leaders who are putting their own and their employee's wellbeing first. 

It's a fun place to hang out and hear how wellbeing in the workplace matters and you'll hear it from people on the ground, making the changes and seeing the benefits. I also do a solo chat once in a while talking about a wellbeing lesson I've learnt or what I'm seeing through my client work.

If you listen, thank you. If you like it, please leave a review and share the love.

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