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Mind Management: 
accredited coaching for a mentally healthy team

An 8-week, group mindfulness programme, using evidence-based, scientifically proven techniques and teachings to develop your brilliant team beyond the boardroom. 

At work

Power up performance and thrive 

Even the best team in the world will fold under stress if their wellbeing isn’t addressed. And that’s not good for them, or for business. 


High-performing teams are excellent at what they do, but they’re also the most likely teams to suffer from poor mental health. You’ve probably heard mindfulness is powerful at creating positive mental habits, but let’s face it. You don’t have the time or budget for everyone in your team to go to an 8:30 am yoga class every morning. This programme is none of that.


Over an 8-week commitment, my scientifically proven programme provides an intimate coaching space for you and your team to develop lifelong habits so you can protect your physical and mental health through times of uncertainty, high pressure and stress.

No yoga retreats here. Just practical, simple, accessible coaching for excellent teams

Manage Your Mind: The Corporate Way

8 week programme to reduce stress and improve emotional intelligence 

Reducing workplace stress is a duty of care 

A team can be brilliant but stressed. Dedicated but rushed. Pressured but motivated. Hard-working but burnt out. Productive but chaotic. Caring but irritable.


The inconvenient truth is, great wellbeing and business brilliance are not mutually exclusive traits. That’s why we often don’t realise our best people are struggling until we’re 2 weeks away from a major project milestone or a key delivery.


The challenge is, how can we protect great employees from a ‘crash and burn’ response to workplace stressors BEFORE they reach crisis point?


 The solution? Mind Management. An accredited, corporate-team focused programme created to support the individual needs of your high-performers, while addressing the team as a whole. You will see results.

Save your annual leave for a proper break. Mindfulness has a greater impact on stress levels than a holiday* 

*Source: Harvard 2016 study: Meditation and vacation effects have an impact on disease-associated molecular phenotypes.

​What you get

  • 12 hours of live training delivered online or in-person over 8 modules

  • 8 x 90-min sessions based on the MBSR (mindful-based stress reduction) framework

  • Weekly group discussions dedicated to supporting your team how to master their own wellbeing at work 

  • Skilled guidance by an accredited coach in an intimate, confidential setting where the team can share live challenges and find solutions

  • 10-point Mindful Framework used by the Asian Leadership Institute to turn your team into mindful masters

  • 20 breathing exercises & meditations to create instant quiet in your busy mind

  • Research based mindfulness survey to assess your before and after progress 

  • A made-for-you wellbeing toolkit to elevate your performance 

  • 2 exclusive 1-1 team leader calls to support individuals at a leadership level with their team’s challenges

  • Bonus in-between session support to address any obstacles and keep your mindful practices on track

This is for you if...​

  • Your team need support and you're ready to invest in their mental health

  • You want to see lasting change, not a 1 week boost and then back to stress

  • You're tired of seeing good people suffer and want to support them (and yourself!) to thrive in even the most high pressure situations 

  • You know the work won't change but the way you work can - and you're ready to make that shift

The result​

  • 100% of attendees found Mind Management helpful to their role* 

  • Over 50% of attendees scored the highest level of mindful awareness post programme*

  • Great team communication as people know how to manage emotions and stress

  • Your best people solving problems faster and without stress because they've masterfully developed their solution-focused thinking 

  • Improved focus, attention & performance delivering great work in a calm way

  • A zen, happy team who take holidays not sick days

*Source: 2019 Client programme feedback

Better than your ISA: For every £1 invested, you get a return of up to £5*

This is the gold standard in corporate mindfulness coaching. Whether you partner with Google or an accredited independent coach like me, you’re investing in a globally recognised curriculum of topics that are guaranteed to transform the way you and your team interact with challenges in the workplace.


Think Mind Management might be a match for your high-performing team? Book a chat today, and let’s talk team support. 

*Source: Deloitte 2020 Report: Mental Health and Employers - Refreshing the Case for Investment

Mindful clients are happy clients

Amy Miller.jfif

Amy Miller
CEO, Energy Council

The 8 week mindfulness course exceeded all of my expectations. I was a little sceptical about the help it could offer at first but I have found it not only to be incredibly useful at managing stress in the workplace but has also given me a different perspective in my personal life too.


I will use many of the techniques moving forwards, thank you so so much!

Daniel Gilmore.jfif

Daniel Gilmore
Sales Director, LW Media

I have a high-pressured role and I think because of my personality I do feel stress more than others.


I’ve learnt how to manage this much better and I notice my triggers before they take over.


I’m definitely able to let things go more than I did before and have a better perspective for how others might be feeling.


Emma Dinwoodie
Clarion Events

The programme was excellent. The open communication about how to understand and manage both mine and others feelings and emotions whilst maintaining a professional stance in the workplace is an invaluable skill which should be rolled out to everyone at Clarion!


Laila was an incredible instructor who made each of us feel safe and secure through out the entire process, whilst maintaining a friendly and positive vibe!

Your investment 

Bring affordable mindfulness to your workplace

Group investment

Starts from £280 per employee

Maximum 10 attendees per group.

Dependant on virtual/ in-person delivery, additional support and number of attendees. 

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50%+ attendees score high levels of mindfulness

It takes an average of 5 to 8 months to train an employee to their full potential (Human Panel, 2021). Don't sacrifice the time you've spent training top performers to workplace stress. Take a proactive approach to their wellbeing now and it will pay dividends later.


Want loyal, motivated, dedicated employees? Earn the culture you want to see and be. Invest in your team's wellbeing. 

Easily the most frequently requested and booked coaching programme I provide

100% of attendees who've completed this programme would recommend it to a colleague.



They are feeling good. Excited to jump on Zoom or come into the office to meet that team target. Taking holidays after events and projects rather than sick days to manage burn out.

The apathy and fog is gone. Motivation is sky high.


Communication is positive, support is strong. Outstanding work is being delivered without any of the stress or tension. 

You can see the light. The light at the end of the stress tunnel where creativity, energy and joy live.


Your team can now do their jobs with the passion and dedication they came into the business with, and you can focus on the tasks you love doing and getting out of the door on time!

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