You manage a team or a business. But who manages your wellbeing?

Mindfulness programmes, workshops and events for a healthier workplace, and a happier you.

Mindful managers are the best managers

Whether it's leading a team of 500 people or spearheading your very first entrepreneurial endeavour. You’ve experienced management.


The problem is, no one tells you how to manage yourself and the people you work with outside of the goals you're tasked to accomplish. No one tells you how to manage your work-life balance. How to manage boundaries so you don't burn out. Or how to manage your professional deadlines alongside your home commitments. 


Until now. 


Half a million people in the UK suffer from work-related stress. I want to half that number in the next five years. And I work with compassionate leaders and managers who want to lead us there.


Because asking for support is good for your mental health

Create a business life with boundaries 

Picture this. A workplace where your team is happy, productive and focused. A workplace where balance and compassion thrive. A place where pressure, performance and productivity know their place. 

Yes, you can have it both ways. But it starts with investing in your most important asset. Your people.


If you're high achieving, love your work and love life outside of work, but you’re burning out and pushing yourself to the limit to be that person, I can help you.

And I do it all through building a positive, strategic partnership with you. Ready to create a balance between work and play that works for you?

The wellbeing problem is universal, but our work together is personal. Every programme is uniquely designed around your specific challenges.

Smiling Businesswoman
Help me support myself

I manage a business and I need support managing my own wellness.

Business People Applauding
Help me support my team

I'm a manager in a business and I need help supporting my team's wellness.

Happy people do the best work

Our life's greatest work is the work we do on ourselves. In our offices. In our teams. In the time we spend daydreaming on our morning commutes. In those too-short hours before we go to bed. We can all be culture creators, and through mindfulness programmes, events, workshops and 1-1 coaching, I provide you with the framework to create your life's greatest work.


A culture of balance 

We'll assess your unique challenges and create a plan to address your workplace wellbeing concerns.


Every data-driven programme I deliver is customised for you, your team and your company, answering concerns you face inside the office and after hours in your home life.


The values you bring into your business turn into the way you treat yourself, your employees, and your customers. Put the 'good' into 'good work' with a culture-first approach.


Less stress, lower absenteeism, fewer sick days, more good days. People who are excited to show up and do the work. People who care because you’ve designed a culture of care. 

A happier, healthier workforce

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Tayo Ologbenla, Senior Digital Marketing Manager

We had Laila come in to speak to the marketing team as part of a wellbeing session and the feedback was nothing but positive, with everyone coming out of the session with actionable changes that would improve each of us and how we manage our mindfulness individually.

I highly recommend Laila's sessions for any business wanting to get a better understanding of their teams' current stress / resilience levels, and map out key initiatives to try and improve this.

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Rebecca Lewis, Content Director

Laila is an integral part of our family of everywoman experts, delivering popular online classes to our members around the world.


She provides us with a lot of the latest thinking around this theme to be able to deliver thought-provoking insight and practical guidance to our members, who highly rate Laila’s webinars, and regularly feedback that her advice and encouragement has empowered them to embark on a new journey around their wellness, both in and outside work. 

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Meet your facilitator 

With over 18 years experience in corporate events & board-level operations, I’ve learnt how fundamental employee happiness is in creating a successful business.


I’ve combined my corporate experience of organisational performance with coaching and mindfulness certifications to create a solution that puts the power of well-being back into your hands. When you have the tools, you can create magic.


I've worked with over 40 companies and spoken at 20 events over the past 4 years, and my track record speaks for itself.


I'm tackling mental wellbeing in the  workplace, and making light work of heavy issues for everyone from small business  owners to giant corporates.

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