You manage a team and or a business.
But who manages your wellbeing?

Mindfulness programmes, workshops and events for
a healthier workplace, and a happier you


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Happy people do the best work.

Our life's greatest work is the work we do on ourselves. In our offices. In our teams. In the time we spend daydreaming on our morning commutes. In those too-short hours before we go to bed. We can all be culture creators, and through mindfulness programmes, events, workshops and 1-1 coaching, I provide you with the framework to create your life's greatest work. A culture of balance.  


A workplace where your team is happy, productive and focused.


A business life with boundaries. A positive, strategic partnership where we dive into your work and create a balance between work and play that works for you.


You’re high achieving. You love your work and love life outside of work. But you’re burning out. You’re pushing yourself to your absolute limit. I can help you manage that better.



"Laila delivered a well-being series across our global business covering timely topics like coping with change through the pandemic and supporting your team's mental health.

The sessions were aimed to support different levels in the business not only to manage their own stresses and build more resilience, but also to understand how to support their teams.


The feedback from the sessions was 100% positive with attendees leaving feeling empowered to create sustainable changes in and out of the workplace.  We now have a toolbox of thinking and doing practices to support their mental health and personal development.

Laila is professional, warm and inspiring. She understands business needs and how they can be achieved hand in hand with a healthy and happy workforce."

Cheryl Busby, HR Director, Clarion Events

Well-being Programme



LAILA DATOO is founded by Laila Datoo - wellness consultant, meditation & mindfulness facilitator & event expert. With over 18 years experience in corporate events & board-level operations, Laila has learnt how fundamental the employee experience is in creating a successful business. Laila created to support business leaders and teams to build happier, healthier workplaces. Improving productivity and reducing absenteeism one employee at a time. 

Laila has completed several mindfulness coaching programmes and is a certified life coach. Using her expertise she has designed, delivered and evaluated corporate wellbeing programmes into global companies.

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