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  • Laila Datoo

How mindfulness can help you to thrive in the 'new normal'

Do you remember what life looked like in March before we went into lockdown? Have you noticed your behaviours slowly changing to adjust to a new more mindful way of life?

Have you adopted new habits to suit your current lifestyle that previously you would never have considered?

When I first went for my daily walks at the start of lockdown, I saw hardly any people. Now, 6 weeks in, I notice the same people going for a walk at the same time of day. They have created a new routine just like me.

It makes me wonder how much of our old life we will leave behind and what parts of this new life we will take into our 'new normal'.

We weren't prepared for Covid-19 or a global pandemic. Many people didn't really believe the severity for many weeks- continuing to go out, socialise and even work. Slowly though, we had to accept and adjust to the severe measures imposed on our cultural norms in order to keep us and those around us safe.

And slowly this previously un-thought of way of life has become our norm. And so it will change again. This time though we have notice. We know that eventually the lockdown will end although like with all change, we don't quite know what life after lockdown look likes. There is certain uncertainty - conscious change.

How can we bridge the gap between our previous way of being and our new normal - to thrive now and in the future?

Can you look at the resilience you've created to live in a way you never would have previously entertained? Perhaps you have had to give up some basic luxuries? We have all had to give up the comfort and joy of social interactions that's for sure! How have you adjusted to this to remain connected in way that lights you up?

Can you explore the habits you've consciously created? Maybe you don't have to get up at 6.30am every day to commute for an hour anymore- you can fill that time with something more nourishing instead. What have you been doing that previously seemed frivolous or you simply didn't have time for?

Can you give yourself permission to open up to new ways of being? Taking breaks at times that suit you instead of being tied to an office timetable? Checking your email when you want to, not when you think you have to because now you really are the master of your schedule?

Can you raise your awareness of what aspects of this lifestyle have worked for you - and those that haven't? So you can decide what to keep up in your 'new' life?

Having been through abrupt change once, can you notice your triggers- what has caused you anxiety and concern and can you mitigate it next time round?

Because if we know one thing about change, it's constant. So post-lockdown is going to be another change but this time we can be ready.

Blog cover photo by Tim Swaan on Unsplash

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