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How to manage your energy and feel calmer every day

🕮 Pull up a chair, it's story time.🕮

Once upon time there was a young woman who worked in a busy media business. She said yes to every task and request for a chat (read vent / offload)

She felt anxiety (ranging from minor to severe) when involved in HR issues, director debates and office politics.

She took in everyone else's energy, didn't have strong boundaries and didn't know how to keep her own energy positive and strong.

She did yoga, she meditated, she worked hard - but she had no balance in her life. It was all extremes.

Extreme work. Intense relaxation. Everything was busy. Including her mind.

She ended up experiencing overwhelm regularly and burning out eventually because she didn't know how to master her energy and work in a way that served herself.

The end.

Well not really the end.

Because in this story the young woman went on to learn mindfulness, apply the tools into her own life and understand fully how to master her energy to work super productively, stay laser focused and feel calm even in a storm.

Does this sound familiar? Does everything in your life feel like it's going at 100 miles an hour even when it's meant to be relaxed, like a yoga class, a run or a walk with the kids?