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5 ways mindfulness transformed my life

Many of you know my journey into wellness - in some ways it was a gradual transition. From doing yoga for the past 15 years and being introduced to mindfulness about 10 years ago by a friend, I have always had wellness in my life. It didn't inform my life though or play a large part in influencing my daily life.

Between 2013 - 2016 I met my now husband, started a new job, ran a flagship event in my new role, got engaged, planned a wedding abroad, got married, moved into a new home, travelled a lot, and took on some huge work projects. Not enough? I then took the company through a full rebrand and a launch party for 500 guests and dealt with some big emotional issues in my team and HR challenges across the business.

At every pressure point, I recognised I was stressed and often felt overwhelmed and cried. The most I did to deal with it was to talk to friends & family (more like complain), feel sorry for myself, do some yoga and throw myself into it more, thinking I just had to carry on. Once this thing (event, wedding, move, project) is done it'll get easier. And it did for a while until the next thing came along.

I definitely wasn't thriving in my new life, I was just about surviving.

My life only really changed when I formally learnt mindfulness through a coaching programme I did at work. It came after I took a 3-month career break where I travelled round the world. On my travels I saw how wellness is most powerful when it's integrated into your life, not just a 1 hour yoga class at the start of your day. I experienced healthy eating as a norm, where fast food wasn't even an option (Bali), where cycling and kayaking to work is the regular commute (New Zealand), where a morning walk is a hike in the jungle (Costa Rica) and where the outdoors, nature and activity are so woven into daily life it's like us Londoners taking a fitness class or going to gym.

When I got back to London I had my first revelation.

Nothing had changed.

Everything had changed with me but nothing had change with my life in London - same problems, same bosses, same challenges, same mindset. The same things bothered me in my personal life too - leaving me feeling hugely frustrated that I had done all this travel and come back expecting the world to be different but everything was exactly the same!

And so the real work began. Not long after I returned to London I embarked on a mindf