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How to build 10 minutes of wellbeing into your work day

We all experience different levels of mental health during our life. As we spend so much of our day in the workplace, it is inevitable that work will affect our mental health- with statistics showing three out of five workers have experienced mental health issues where work was a contributing factor.

The workplace is becoming increasingly pressurised, with tight deadlines, budget constraints, unstable working conditions in an often unsteady economy and more technology demands.

So it’s no surprise we are more and more challenged with looking after our mental health at work.

The good news is we feel more able to talk about our mental health at work – over half of us feel comfortable taking about mental health issues like anxiety and depression at work, and 76% of people who have experienced an issue as a result of work feel their colleagues care about their wellbeing. But only 11% of us talked to our line manager about it.*

It’s mental health awareness this week, and the 2018 focus is stress. How to talk about it, manage it, and support our staff and ourselves in stressful times.

Here are some practical tools you can use right away to address this.

While company culture starts with the business leaders and rolls down from the top, it is always possible to create a positive wellness environment in your team and see the effects spill out sideways into other teams, and often go upwards to positively influence managers.

Experiencing wellbeing directly is also the best way to show people how beneficial it is to care for yourself at work – so start implementing some practical exercises and once people feel the positive effects, they are more likely to talk about it – and it will show to everyone around you/ them.

How do I start bringing more wellbeing into where I work?