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  • Laila Datoo

Does how you dress really impact your well-being?

I remember when I posted this photo of me, I got SO many comments saying

'wow great outfit' and 'looking lovely'

And it was so nice to hear and not just because - who doesn't like a compliment - but also because it's been an intentional journey to get to a place where I feel confident and happy with the way I dress and feel (note I didn't say with the way I look).

The past year has been a tough time for us all. I had a baby 6 months before lockdown and managing my body post partum plus a lockdown had a HUGE impact on my well-being.

I have used my mindfulness awareness and my learnings of the science behind how we think and feel - to create a new level of calm - feeling self assured, confident and happy!

When you dress in a way that feels confident, energetically positive and calm, you FEEL good.

When you feel good, your interactions are more positive, your work is better and you are happier!

If you want to find out how you can feel more confident and understand how dressing influences our mental health, I have partnered with fashion blogger, stylist and ex-HR consultant Claire Hall to bring you a webinar exploring exactly that!

The webinar is on Wednesday 15th September, talking all about how to manage your mindset and your style to feel great - especially important right now when people are going back into the workplace after 18 months away.

Together we will share:

  • Tips on how to style your work wardrobe based on how you want to feel and be seen.

  • Techniques to manage your mindset to create a new level of calm, self-assurance and direction.

So join us to learn how to manage your mindset and your style to feel comfortable and confident when hybrid working - we will be sharing our tips and techniques as well as addressing your challenges.

We'd LOVE for you to join - we have a limited number of spaces so we can make sure everyone gets their questions answered, and will be sharing some personal tips, so sign up soon!

Click here to book your place and we can't to share some style and mindset tips on the 15th September!


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