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  • Laila Datoo

My biggest learnings from a crazy year

2020 was filled with a lot of what the ?!?!?, overwhelm, tears (mine and baby Y!), grit, get back up and go and lie downs.

There are many things I have learnt this year through working with some amazing businesses and also through running my own business during a pandemic.

I'd love to share them with you - who knows what you might find interesting, insightful, impactful or just 'wow me too!'.

My 20 learnings from 2020

1. It's ok to admit this is hard

2. Good health makes everything else possible

3. The breath is our best well-being tool - whenever you need to, stop, hand on heart and take a breath

4. Work is only important for what it provides to you in life - it doesn't take priority over health

5. Balance is individual – what gives you energy and what drains you? We all need different amounts of things to feel ‘balanced’

6. Having boundaries makes you better at supporting your family / your work team - not worse

7. Treat others how you want to be treated- if you want someone to check in and support you, do the same for others

8. It’s always better to pick up the phone and talk then send an email / whatsapp to ask how someone is

9. Burn out comes when we don’t listen to our bodies

10. It’s only a team effort when you all look out for each other

11. Zoom fatigue is real - how else can you connect with your people?

12. The best well-being is little and often

13. Well-being means different things to every individual - what does it mean to you?

14. Putting your own oxygen mask is so important to be able to support others

15. Laughter is the best medicine - starting your day off with a smile or joke can change your day

16. Our phones are designed to create addiction and we need to switch off with intention

17. Saying no to someone else means you can say yes to something you love

18. Taking a break every hour does wonders for your focus and productivity

19. The 3 most simple words can be the most effective - how are you?

20. Being honest and vulnerable about how you are sets you apart as a true leader

I hope there's a takeaway in there for you and your people.

What’s your biggest learning from 2020?


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