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What does life after lockdown look like for you?

How is life looking these days? Are you looking forward to getting back to a rhythm and a new reality?

Are you excited or apprehensive about doing some of the things we used to take for granted - seeing friends, going for meals, taking public transport?

During lockdown it was easy for us to feel unmotivated and lose our drive - after all when your routine goes out of the window it can be hard to focus.

Now that lockdown is starting to ease and some of life is taking shape again, it's a great time for us to re-focus and re-assess how we want to move into the next quarter.

Are there goals you set yourself at the start of 2021 that you've lost the momentum to carry out?

Has lockdown and Covid-19 totally shifted your perspective and given you the push to change something big in your life?

Knowing what we want out of life is important. Even more important is the drive behind it.

In this post I'd love to explore with you...YOUR WHY.

⭐ Why do you feel motivated to do things? What makes you leap put of bed in the morning?

⭐ What is the reason behind you choosing certain goals, aspirations or even new habits?