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  • Laila Datoo

What does your Mental Health mean to you?

World Mental Health Day is almost here and if we don't think about our mental health every day, then this is a good opportunity to stop and reflect on how you are and what's been going on for us.

This year the theme is Mental Health in an Unequal World. I thought a lot about what this might mean and I've decided it can mean different things to each individual- because we are all unequal and live different lives.

So how do we support our own and each other's mental health when the playing field isn't level and we face different challenges?

One of the ways we can do this is to consider what work looks like for us as we move back into a hybrid situation.

So what's changing? Didn't we all used to go into the office every day and not question it?

If I had asked you 2 years ago to drive to work or get on the tube would you have blinked? No!

Now after being home for so long and adjusting to a new way of doing things it's changing again. And this time with even more uncertainty as we hear that it may be home working again from October.

So watch out for my upcoming series on Managing Change in an Uncertain World - 4 weeks of me sharing ideas and tools to support you with navigating this uncertain, often times unequal world. So that you can look after your mental health no matter what is going on out there.

There will be posts and videos on my pages - you can find me on insta and LinkedIn.

Some of the areas I'll be sharing tools and strategies on are:

  • Supporting yourself in the face of changes, the unknown and uncertainty- i.e right now!

  • How to work with change, not against it

  • How to communicate and celebrate your individuality and feel included (and be inclusive to others)

  • learning what rest means to YOU and how make space for it in your day

  • How to feel more balanced, rested and at ease every day

This isn't just to support you now, its to help you through the next months and years because right now it's the pandemic, next year it may be something else in your life (a job change, a move)

When we can build the skills to navigate change and uncertainty we are able to swim no matter how choppy the sea.

This takes me back to my favourite quote by the brilliant Jon Kabat-Zinn who is the master of mindfulness who said:

You can't stop the waves but you can learn to surf.

We live in an uncertain, unequal, unbalanced world, This is the only constant. Instead of feeling overwhelmed or anxious, we can learn to move with the waves of change and bend with the blowing winds. This way we can survive the storms that come along rather than breaking with the force.

It can feel really challenging to stand up strong when faced with change but I'd love to show you some skills to empower you so that you can feel calm in the eye of the storm.

I'll also be sharing podcasts and doing some live question and answer sessions to support you with any challenges or situations you're facing to work through it in real time, with you.

To follow along, find me on insta, LinkedIn and follow the hashtag #mindfulmoments


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