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Mastering your Mindset starts with Motivation

Another week in lockdown! This is slowly becoming our new normal - so really - how are you feeling about everything going on right now? A few weeks ago I was waking up most days with an underlying niggle of anxiety in the pit of my stomach. Nothing specific - but it was there. Last week I knew I couldn't ignore the niggle anymore. I needed to dig deep into my well-being toolkit and work out what to do to feel better. I started with being strict on my well-being to do list:

- Every day I have been waking up and doing a short meditation (sometimes at night and yes I fall asleep listening to it)

- In the morning I do a page or two of journalling (look up The Artist's Date for more inspiration on this)

- I start my day with a cup of tea

- Some days it's back to bed and a nap with the baby, some days it's movement and stretching on the mat. Every day I take time to listen to what I need. I've been working even more on my mindset since lockdown because I'm all too aware that how we approach situations deeply affects our thoughts, behaviours and actions. I've been paying close attention to how I'm viewing the world right now and how I'm choosing (it's always a choice) to go through each day. I fell into default mode at the start of feeling overwhelmed, worried and anxious at home with a baby and work and no support or social interaction. There have been days when this has spiralled - so why I actively took control and I've been working on my mindset every day.

As well as doing small things each day to boost my mental well-being, I've gone back to my mindfulness teachings to look at how building resilience and a positive mindset is the groundbreaking factor on how we approach any difficult situation - especially the current crisis with positivity and joy.

There are a few keys elements to mastering your mindset so that you can feel more positive (yes it's possible) in these uncertain times.

When I think about mindset, I always start with motivation - why do I want to feel/ think differently right now?

I know that thinking positive thoughts will positively impact my mood and emotions which will in turn lead to positive behaviours and that will leave me thinking and feeling good- so it's a positive cycle.

Knowing why you want something is the best driver because you can always come back to your why - how will it impact your day?