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Manifest - Shining the light on great workplace well-being

This overview of PR agency Manifest's workplace well-being initiatives is given by Ali Maynard - Global Business Director. So let's jump right in and hear from Ali how Manifest has created a business that is one of the top 3 agencies to work in Campaign's Best Place to Work 2019.

Tell me a little about who you are and how well-being fits into your role at Manifest

My role within the agency is to look after client services, business development and our team to ensure we create a collaborative, happy, dedicated working environment across Manifest Group. I work closely with our local Happiness Officers in each of our offices located in London, New York and Stockholm, their role makes them responsible for creating the happiest place in the world to work.

Your well-being package is called Balance! How do you encourage staff to find their balance? And how do you support diversity and individuality in this?

We curated our well-being package, Balance, in a way that it provides perks and benefits that would help the work/ life balance. The communications industry is notoriously stressful and demanding (remind me why we put ourselves through it!?), and we know our team works hard on achieving incredible results for our clients, so we want to ensure they are able to switch off when they get home and truly enjoy life outside of work.

We don’t live to work, but it shouldn’t mean we don’t enjoy our job - if we can make Manifest a place where people are happy to come to everyday, it will make the “working” part of our lives that little bit better.

What does balance mean to Manifest?

Whilst the lines are blurring more and more across our work/life balance in all industries with ‘always on’ cultures, we recognise that people work in such different ways, and one size does not fit all when it comes to understanding motivations and needs within our team. Some of our team prefer to check in on Slack and emails on the commute to work, or as I do on Sunday nights just so I feel fully prepped and organised for the week ahead, whilst others may prefer to switch off and come in ready for 9am to h