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Being Mindful On-Site

I shared some great tips with Stress Matters recently for a well-being supplement they produced for C&IT Magazine.

These are some practical tips on how team members can approach being on-site in a way that benefits them rather than piles on the pressure. From movement and sleep to eating and moving our way to a stress-free environment.

These aim to maintain your well-being and lower stress levels during an event. And in true event-planning fashion, it starts long before the event.


In the run up to the event there are many ways we neglect our physical and emotional health in the name of pre-event madness - thinking we can cope. Then on-site a lack of sleep, poor nutrition and increased stress levels compounds the stress in the bodies. So the best way we can look after our well-being on-site is to create good habits before we go.

Pre-event maintain a regular routine - eat well, leave the office at a decent hour as much as possible and don’t neglect that yoga or gym class you love that keeps you sane. All of these habits will mean you arrive at the event well rested, with good energy levels and a positive mental state. So you’re going in strong!

Louisa Hooper, Event Manager for Research in Finance adds “Always try to have at least one full day at the venue or location prior to the start in order to make sure everything is in place and to sort out any hiccups prior to the kick off day! Calm before the event should hopefully mean a calm, smooth event!”


Now you’re on-site. What happens when inevitably you’re at the event with 4 hours sleep, surrounded by caffeine and sugary snacks?

This is where the healthy habits kick in. Maintaining the routine you have at home as closely as possible on-site will allow you to take care of your physical and emotional health. This includes:

  • Eating well and regularly – rotate breaks within the team and make sure everyone gets a proper sit down lunch break.

  • Create a rota if possible so that start and end times are staggered for the team – even half an hour extra in bed will make a huge difference on-site.