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The Power of Workplace Mindfulness

I recently delivered an 8-week mindfulness programme for a fast-paced international event business. I've been analysing the results of the programme and the feedback and while I knew that the programme is proven and works in increasing mindfulness, self-awareness and happiness in participants, I was really blown away by the results of this particular group. "I felt that the programme was excellent. I felt that the open communication about how to understand and manage both mine and others feelings and emotions whilst maintaining a professional stance in the workplace is an invaluable skill which should be rolled out to everyone at Clarion! Laila was an incredible instructor who made each of us feel safe and secure through out the entire process, whilst maintaining a friendly and positive vibe!" Marketing Manager, Clarion Events

The course has had a huge impact on the attendees - seen both in their feedback and interactions during and after the programme as well as in some surveys and formal feedback I conducted.

First of all, how do you even measure mindfulness? It's important for businesses to have some form of ROI in order to understand and justify the cost. A lot of the benefits of mindfulness can be seen in people's work output, stress levels and resilience. Which is difficult to measure. I'll come onto that in a bit.

One of the most tangible ways is through a widely used awareness scale that explores participant's in the moment mindfulness awareness before and after the course. Of course it is dependent on their head space on the day they complete it - but the results are very insightful and generally highlight where a person is before using any mindfulness strategies and the difference in their awareness and perspective in situations afterwards.

The score of the MAAS survey is out of 6 - 1-2 shows a low level of mindfulness, 3-4 is average and 5+ shows a high level of mindfulness. In this group, the average increase was 1.3 so people's mindfulness awareness went up a whole point. Not only that but 50% of the group finished as a 5+ and 30% went up nearly 2 points. This goes to show that the programme had a significant impact on their self-awareness through applying mindful practices.

Additional feedback showed that:

Participants rated the programme 8.7/10 as being relevant and useful to their current role.

100% of participants would recommend the course to their colleagues.