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How Mindfulness was a hot topic at the EventFuel breakfast

On Friday I spoke for the first time as a speaker in front of a "proper crowd" and I was so nervous. And yet as soon as I got up there I felt so relaxed and calm...and realised I'm here thanks to the very subject I spoke about. Mindfulness.

Bringing mindfulness into my daily life has allowed me to know myself better and catch my reactions to situations. To understand my triggers and breathe and relax into them - so the nerves I used to have talking to even a room of 5 or 6 people, would fill me with dread, my voice would shake and I would be nervous for days before.

This time of course I had nerves, that's the adrenaline preparing me for something new and scary! Yet I was able to catch myself before the panic took hold. I used breathing exercises to stay centered and I was so much more aware of how I carry myself, that I had a new level of confidence and self assurance.

It's no coincidence that for the past 8 months I've been teaching yoga and mindfulness at work - the very subject that I was speaking to the group about at the launch EventFuel wellness breakfast.

The event itself was a great success and a perfect example of wellbeing and mindfulness at its best. Taking time out of your busy work day to spend time in a calm environment (with a healthy superfood wellness package from the Andaz and lush fragrances from Scentered)

The lovely attendees who made space in their morning to be there were treated to a mindful moment to start the morning, interesting debates and discussion about how to truly bring wellness alive in the workplace and some chair yoga to stretch out after a long morning. The feedback was positive with attendees saying they loved starting their day in this way and that they would be taking the stretching and mindful moments back to their offices.